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About Me

From the Horses Mouth...

I am a UX designer with an interest in the environment, sustainability, and the universe. I first became interested in UX/UI when I realized it would allow me to use my creativity and to follow my dream of releasing my own app.


Ever since a kid I have been fascinated with animals and nature from tiny bugs to huge trees. This curiosity has given me much inspiration and made me an observant human being. These traits will help me bring a unique human based perspective to the job as I strive to empathize with others.

I have a bachelors in International affairs from Florida State University but as touched upon previously I have always felt my creativity was my strong suit. After years of working unfulfilling jobs, It was in 2022 that I decided to take the plunge and follow through with my desires in life by learning UX/UI. I am so grateful for the experience and look forward to sharing my journey. Feel free to contact me at your convenience, my email is just below. : )

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